Hospitals in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Hospitals in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small piece of heaven; it has been selected for being one the greenest countries, enjoys incredible beaches, abolished the army in 1948, and its people are considered one of the happies in the world.

Costa Ricans with their Pura Vida and happy smile, are also healthy people. In the last 15 years outdoor activities have become a stronger influence. Sports like surfing, cycling and running are some of the most enjoyed. Another interesting fact is that more than 90% of the population has access to medical centers; reducing death rates to 4.38%, one of the lowest in Latin America.

List of Hospitals and Clinics

CIMA Guanacaste

Located 6.5 miles from Liberia International Airport, this prestigious institution is a first class hospital with cutting-edge medical equipment, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology department, 24-hour emergency room, operating rooms and one of two internationally recognized, full-service private hospitals in Costa Rica.

CIMA Guanacaste was inaugurated on July 2012 and both locals and foreigners are treated at this hospital, they serve more than 270,000 permanent area residents and tourists who visit Guanacaste each year.

San Rafael Arcangel Medical Center

This well-known Hospital has become synonymous of quality service. After 8 years of steady growth, San Rafael Arcangel offers efficient medical response and high capacity for proper clinical and surgical resolution.

Coast Medical Services

With more than 10 years of service in Tamarindo Village, this clinic offers GP (General Practitioner), physiotherapist, dermatologist and full equipped ambulance services. To provide more availability to their customers they have implemented the GP express afterhours, the average cost for this service is $80 for consultation. Medicine and treatment are extra.

Beachside Clinic

This 24/7 facility in Huacas, provides emergency care, minor surgery, dental specialties, pharmacy, LABICLIN, general practice and any other specialty care needed.  Additionally, Beachside Clinic has a strategic alliance enabling them to provide air evacuation if needed. The staff at the Beachside Clinic in Huacas includes 3 physicians, 4 nurses and paramedics, with plans to add an additional physician in the near future. During the night hours there is at least one doctor, one nurse or paramedic available on-site