Retirement in Costa Rica

retiring in Costa Rica

retiring in Costa Rica

Retiring in Costa Rica

Retiring in Costa Rica comes with so many benefits:  from beautiful beaches to modern cities, tropical rain forests to an unspoiled Pacific Coastline, and a nearly perfect year-round tropical climate. It’s no secret that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and friendliest countries on the planet, making retiring here one of the most sought after destinations abroad.

Costa Rica offers one of the highest standards of living in the Americas and outstanding real estate values that present the perfect opportunities for affordable retirement, living comfortably on far less what it costs in the United States, along with a warm, tropical climate, friendly culture, modern cities, and affordable health care:  It’s no wonder that an estimated 50,000 expatriates live in the country, many enjoying the good life, or “Pura Vida” as the locals call it, as retirees in beautiful Costa Rica!

The Benefits of Retiring Abroad

The standard of living for retirees in Costa Rica is bolstered by excellent healthcare services (much less expensive than the U.S.) and modern telecommunications, along with Costa Rica’s natural beauty, culture, lower cost of living and relaxed pace. As Luxury Living International noted, “This jewel of Central America has the added advantage of still being relatively ‘undiscovered’ by mass tourism.”

According to Luxury Living International Magazine and many other notable publications, many retirees choose to live in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, which provides easy access to the capital city of San Jose and its international airport, shopping and medical facilities. Weather is also an important factor, with the area enjoying year-round temperatures averaging 72°F.

And, for those retirees who are seeking beachfront property, the Guanacaste province and the beautiful Pacific Coast from Jaco and Los Suenos down to Manuel Antonio and more recently, the Southern Pacific are generally the most popular choices for finding retirement properties in Costa Rica.

Information for Retirees

The cost of living in Costa Rica is low in comparison to the United States, Canada and Europe, even though it’s generally ranked as the most expensive country in Central America. If you do plan an extended stay, there are residency options that are worth exploring. And, you’ll find no capital gains tax here! Costa Rica’s natural beauty, endless outdoor adventures and luxurious real estate offer the perfect blend for enjoying the good life as you retire to Costa Rica!

Contact us for more information on retiring in Costa Rica, or come and see for yourself why this is one of the world’s top destinations for retirement abroad!  We are happy to help you book a vacation or vacation rental and explore spectacular Costa Rica!