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Panama City is considered First World city in Central America. The beautifully maintained Pan-American Highway runs the breadth of the country, making travel easy. High-speed Internet and cell coverage are remarkable…as are the power, air, and water quality. The recently completed train metro along with infrastructure projects has improved travel in and around the city and country. The canal expansion completed in 2017 has increased trade and revenue for the country and the world making Panama a leader in Latin America’s emerging economies.

Panama has experienced remarkable growth and has a booming economy. Panama Cities skyline is covered with sky-scraping condominiums and hotels up to 85 stories high and world-class hotels such as the JW Marriott, W, and a Waldorf Astoria Hotel. With one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world, Panama is poised to continue its growth and success. With direct flights from all major cities in the U.S., South America, and Europe, Panama hopes to become the Singapore of Latin America with free trade and huge tax benefits for multinational companies moving to Panama.

For expats from the U.S., Panama is also convenient because the currency is the U.S. dollar. No matter where you’re from, you’re likely to appreciate the fact that there are many English speakers in Panama, especially among the well-trained medical community. The hub that is Tocumen International Airport makes it easy to fly from Panama with direct flights many major u.s. and other cities across the globe.

Many of the expats here also cite Panama’s geographical diversity and location, with proximity to North America being a major factor. In a country roughly the size of South Carolina, you’ll find mountains and beaches within an easy striking distance-no matter where in the country you are. Wake up on the Caribbean and have lunch overlooking the Pacific…they’re a couple of hours apart at the isthmus’ “skinniest” sections. Choose your preferred climate, topography, population density and more in Panama’s varied landscape.

Palms Featured Projects in Panama

Ocean Reef
With infinity pools and panoramic views of downtown Panama City and the Pacific Ocean, our chic residences on the glamorous Ocean Reef Islands are the perfect location to enjoy the tranquility of an exclusive tropical island, only minutes from the heart of the city.

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Pearl Island
Creating an authentic private island destination requires particular respect for nature and heritage. Only a few miles offshore South of Panama City rests a unique island resort waiting to be discovered.

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