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Kids Take on the Waves at Surf the Tide in Guanacaste

guanacaste surfing competition

It’s almost time for Surf the Tide, an entry-level event organized by Chelsea Lisaius. This annual providence-wide surf event will begin its fourth year on November 26 and 27 in Tamarindo. The unique thing about the tournament is that it gives kids a platform to show-off their talents by ripping through the waves of Tamarindo Beach.

“The reason I started Surf the Tide was that kids need more opportunities to compete and to practice. We have some of the most amazing surfers here in Costa Rica; however, we continue to focus on the same top surfers instead of creating a learning platform for the younger and less experienced to grow. Hosting monthly amateur events allows these less experienced surfers to gain the knowledge and confidence to compete at a more professional level.” – Chelsea Lisaius, Event Organizer

surfing in guanacaste

Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf’s main goal is to encourage friendship and good sportsmanship in a competitive environment. These young courageous kids watch some of the nation’s best surfers demonstrating the highest level of surfing, and are given the chance to develop their own skills striving to reach the professional level themselves.

“I see a bright surfing future for many of the young Surf the Tide competitors.”  – Chelsea Lisaius

The categories are Tadpoles (6 and under), Dolphins (12 and under and pushed into waves), Groms (12 and under), Boys (16 and under), Juniors (18 and under), Girl’s and Open.

Many kids dominated in the event’s categories and stages last week; such as surf champ 6-year old Nico Boos who won three contests in the Tadpoles and Dolphins category. His goal is to become as skillful as John Florence, a Hawaiian youngster who is the world champion having won the Championship tour. Ruby Brownell also impressed by winning three dates in the Girl’s category. Francisco Coronado took first place in the Junior division for all three contests.

Don’t forget to stop by at the upcoming surf tournament on Tamarindo Beach. Why not bring the whole family to witness these mini-professionals and surfing experts glide effortlessly through the water and catch some waves!