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Update on the New Flamingo Marina in Guanacaste

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What was the first full-service marina in Costa Rica, the Flamingo Marina seems to be back underway after a string of hurdles for the past decade.  The Tico Times has reported that a group  led by Dr. Samuel Shaheen of Michigan, has submitted a marina proposal said to be on the verge of approval.

One of the biggest concerns and hurdles before devleopment is approval by SETENA, the National Technical Secretariat of the Environment Ministry, but according to Joaquín Gamboa, project manager for the Marina Flamingo Development Group, SETENA approval is already underway and simply lacking signatures.

Though plans also have to be approved by CIMAT, the Commission of Tourist Marinas, and by the Municipality of Santa Cruz, neither of which is expected to be opposed. Backers say construction could be under way by February or March.

This is great news for Flamingo and the surrounding areas in Guanacaste, as the marina will be a huge draw for tourism, business and real estate in the area.

For information on properties near the new Flamingo Marina contact our real estate advisors or visit our Flamingo real estate page for currently available listings.