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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Costa Rica’s is the most prominent event for the haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion industries, but until recently this high fashion extravaganza only took place in the lovable city of San Jose. However, due to the flourishing fashion industry in the Guanacaste region, Mercedes-Benz has decided to host this year’s highly anticipated fashion week at the one and only Hacienda Pinilla Beach and Golf Resort.

Costa Rica is currently the style hub of Central America, and fashion industry leaders would like to see it stay that way. The Costa Rica Fashion Week event is primarily a meeting event for designers, merchants, schools, and students to learn about new trends and methodologies. Despite the country’s ongoing loss of its once-vibrant textile and clothes manufacturing industry to countries where lower salaries and inadequate working conditions run rampant, the fashion industry leaders in Costa Rica believe that this nation has what it takes to participate in the global fashion stage.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Brings High Fashion to Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Costa Rica is a project that falls under the leadership of former supermodel Leonora Jimenez of Santa Ana, an achingly beautiful woman who is as stunning as she is entrepreneurial. Ms. Jimenez retired from the runways in 2011; as it happens, just when she thought she was out, fashion pulled her back in.

As to why the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is moving from the capital of Costa Rica to the upscale Hacienda Pinilla, Ms. Jimenez explained: “We wanted to make this event more inspirational. The beach is perfect in terms of presenting fashion collections for the summer and to wear during a cruise ship vacation. In fact, the event will take on a nautical, cruise-like theme. The audience will enjoy very attractive fashion designs. I am even working out with a personal trainer because I intend to model tiny bikinis.”