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Pet Hotels – Traveling with Your Pet in Costa Rica

Traveling with Your Pet in Costa Rica

Most pet owners will agree that the family pet should be treated just as a human and that’s exactly how the owners of many “pet hotels” in Costa Rica feel. These boarding spaces provide dependable care, comfortable accommodations and plenty of room for your pet to play. Traveling with your pet in Costa Rica can be a difficult task, but at pet hotels like Villa de Perros and Pets Paradise, your pet can experience the same five star treatment that you will while traveling in Costa Rica.

At pet hotels, which are becoming increasingly popular, dogs and cats are cared for by expert staff and are given room to roam with the care and attention they need. Dr. Vivian Conejo, owner of Villa de Perros, believes that pets should be treated as human children. In a recent article by the Tico Times, she states, “They don’t like to be in a cramped apartment. They don’t know they are animals.”

With 25 years of experience as a veterinarian, Dr. Conejo knows what animals need, and whether its dogs or cats you’ll find that your animal has all it needs for its own Costa Rica vacation. With a baby pool, slide, grass and individual dog houses for each canine Villa de Perros is the ultimate pet playground. Not only that, but while traveling with your pet in Costa Rica you can rest assured that at Villa de Perros your dog or cat is cleaned and groomed and that ticks are removed as soon as they are spotted.

Let Your Pet Enjoy a Vacation as You Enjoy Yourself while Traveling in Costa Rica

Another pet hotel owner, Jory Friemann, understands how hard it is to find adequate care for your pet while traveling in Costa Rica. At Friemann’s Pets Paradise in Alajuela, Costa Rica you’ll find “a place where the dog will go on vacation and enjoy himself at the same time the owner goes on their vacation.” At Pets Paradise, Friemann offers courses on canine obedience in addition to boarding services. For Friemann it’s all about positive reinforcement when training your pet. Good behaviors are encouraged with a reward.

Both Friemann and Dr. Conejo agree that animals have need for space, attention and adequate care and at Villa de Perros and Pets Paradise you can rest assured that your pet’s vacation will be as enjoyable as yours while traveling in Costa Rica.