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Highland Ranch

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For Sale - Development Property / Land

Highland Ranch es un residencial privado dentro del reconocido Residencial el Castillo, Heredia.  Ideal para los amantes de las montañas, bosques naturales, aire fresco e impresionantes vistas a la ciudad. A solo 15 min de Heredia centro puede encontrar lotes de 2,000 mt2 hasta 7,700 mts2 desde $35 mt.  Lo invitamos a que explore un diferente estilo de vida.

For the lovers of the mountains, natural forests, fresh air and views of the city Highland Ranch is a residential project you would like to consider. It is only 15 min away from downtown Heredia, inside the well known gated community Residencial El Castillo. You can find lots from $35 mt and sizes from 2,000 mts to 7,700 in a 15-hectare property. Give yourself a chance to explore a different lifestyle.

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